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Have you ever heard the saying: " Life father, like son: every good tree maketh good fruits?" It is true that at age 13, Lincoln was the youngest competitor in the New Zealand stadium offroad championship and now holds the national title. Without a doubt he also has a great mentor, MadMike, a former formula drift Japan championship. Together, they build one of the most iconic Mazda MX5 NOKIDN. A car that was built completely during lockdown. That's where we NRG came on-board with supplying the interior parts for the build. The steering wheel "DEAL WHIDD-ETT" speaks a lot of dealing with real life problems, such as lock downs, not able to drive etc. The only way possible to overcome these roadblocks and not run away from it.

  • 330MM 1.5" Dish Vegan Suede Steering Wheel
  • LW Horn Delete with Pink Screws Included
  • "DEAL WHIDD-ETT" Signature Embroidery 
  • Matching Color Teal Stitching and Center Mark
  • Limited 50 Pcs Steering Wheels Hand Made